A peachy combination

This post has nothing to do with history or writing. It’s about cooking, another love of mine.

Or rather, in honor of a recent spell of miserably hot, humid weather, about not cooking, as in salad.

The other day I tried to recreate a salad my sister once made for me with an unusual combination of fruit and tomato. It's perfect for late summer when local tomatoes and peaches are at their peak. I had lost her recipe, but I thought I remembered it pretty well.

To serve two, I cut up a huge Brandywine tomato and a yellow peach. They were both perfectly ripe, so I peeled them by simply pulling off the skin.  I tossed them together with some salt, sprinkled them with crumbled feta cheese and some roasted pistachios. I would have stopped there, or just drizzled them with a bit of balsamic vinegar, but my husband likes dressing on his salad. I made a one-two-three dressing—one part honey, two parts lemon juice, three parts olive oil, plus salt and pepper.

It was delicious, if I do say so myself, though I think next time I might toss in some chives or a bit of scallion. And with some bread, I think this would do very well for a meal.

What about you? Do you consider salad enough for a meal on a hot day?

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Oh, this reminds me of one of the best salads I've ever eaten. I had it years ago at a cafe in Long Island that has since closed. I've tried to recreate it many times but it's never as good as the original. I grilled the peaches and used a little blue cheese instead of feta. I'm going to make it again with pistachios instead of walnuts, thank you for the suggestion. And I agree, it is a perfect meal!

Grilling would be a good

Grilling would be a good idea, especially if the peaches aren't as perfect as local ones are in August! I think plums would be good in it, too.


That salad sounds divine! I must try it. I definitely think salad can be a perfect meal, any time of year.

Love salads in the summer!

That sounds wonderful - light and refreshing.

We often have salads for dinner during the summer. Sometimes it's a simple tossed veggie or mushroom salad, and sometimes it's an everything-in salad with olives, cubed cheese, chick peas, sliced peppers, carrots, pine nuts and either grilled shrimp or chicken. I love champagne vinegar. I mix it with oil and honey as you did with your dressing. So good.

It's funny though, isn't it? The prep work and clean up for a salad can be as involved as prep and clean up for a full dinner. :-)

Summer and salads

I wish my family was more open to having salad as a meal. I am more than happy to have a nice salad and a glass of wine instead of something heavy on a hot day. This sounds delicious and I plan on trying it before the fall sets in for real.

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